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HOW TO PUT WEIGHT ON A MALNOURISHED DOG -- we've all dealt with dogs that were anywhere from a little underweight, to walking skeletons... be sure to read Joan Fremo's article on how to put weight on a severely malnourished dog!

10 lbs of cheap hamburger meat
1 lg box Total (tm) cereal1
1 lg box uncooked oatmeal
15 oz jar of wheat germ
10 eggs
10 small pkgs knox unflavored geletin2
1 1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 1/4 cup unflavored molasses
pinch of salt

Pedialyte to drink

1. Mix all ingredients together in large (or larger) bowl.
2. Place in freezer bags, appox 1 lb per bag.
3. Place in freezer, thaw as needed.
4. Feed raw. Just pinch off the amount you want to feed and
roll into a ball. Place on top of regular food.

This recipe is good for putting weight on a dog. Be careful though, it will put weight on the dog in a matter of a few days. A lot of weight in a matter of a few weeks!

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1 to 1-1/2 # fatty raw hamburger
1/2 C wheat germ oil or wheat germ
1 pkg knox gelatin
4-1/2 tsp molasses or Karo dark syrup
3 egg yokes
4-1/2 tsp vegetable oil
3 C uncooked oatmeal

Form into meatballs, place on cookie sheet and freeze. When frozen put in containers. To serve - microwave each meatball abot 30 seconds per meatball depending on size. Give 2-3 per day along with regular diet.

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And one more...

2 C Tomatoes - puree in a blender
2 C Green Beans - puree in a blender
1# Liver - pureed in blender and cooked
3 C cooked elbow macaroni
4 C cooked Rice
4 Egg yokes
1/3 jar of honey
1 C olive oil
1/3 jar of wheat germ
2-3 pounds of raw hamburger meat

Mix all of the above ingredients in a big container. Add enough Chex cereal or oatmeal to bind together. Make meatballs and freeze. Thaw and microwave individual meatballs as needed.

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You do not want to use the satin ball recipe, especially on rescues!! There is a very
real danger of samonella with the raw eggs. Disasterous in an animal whose health is already compromised. I will, however, include my doggie tested and proven recipes below!! :-)  And, in answer to those who believe in the "tough love" method of getting dogs to eat what's good for them (I particularly like this! -- I've asked Joan's permission to include it here.):

A dog that has not recieved proper nourishment CAN NOT just start eating, digesting, and utilizing regular doggie kibble!

I have 20 years of experience rescuing, and, like all too many Rescuers, have had more than my share of 45 lb pups that should have weighed 90lbs, or the 60 to 80 lb adults that were starved or Heartworm positive.  Animals, that when they left my care, were weighing in a 125-145 lbs.  And they had all learned to eat the proper Kibble----but in a time frame that was geared to nuitrition and wellness--- not the caregivers convience, and certainly not tough love.

You find in almost every malnourished Giant Breed dog ONE common factor---once THEY feel a little better, they will not eat any more than it takes to maintain. They will still be under weight, but they only know they aren't suffering---they also aren't getting better.

Now add the stress of surgery, the fact that anesthesia can often depress the appetite ---   I'd say nourishment is definitely more important than whether or not the dog eats Kibble.

Putting weight on these animals is an art, and a committment --- it starts from the day they come into rescue. Multiple small meals, 5-6 times a day, works a lot better than your so called normal feeding schedule.  And what you feed is essential.

I will take you through my steps starting with the worse case scenerio.  Severe pancreaitis --- not bloody diarehea, just blood, from digesting its own stomach for total lack of nourishment --- an  animal too weak to stand, no muscle mass so legs are rickety, a skeleton wearing a sparse fur coat. Hold back the tears, and be encouraging.

1 lb or rice, appropriate amount of water
1lb of ground sirloin
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
and a sprinkle of salt.

Cook as you would the rice, making sure the meat s thoroughly broken up, and evenly dispersed.

Feed by the spoon if necessary. Only a 1/4 of a cup -- rejoice! And try again in a short while. Intersperse with plain yogurt, maybe rice pudding, occasional soft boiled eggs.

Bleeding stopped, a small stool --- Rejoice! And start mixing small amounts of kibble with the rice mixture. Good kibble, no grocery store crud --- did you rescue this animal and only plan to go half way?  Would you place this Rescue with a person who would cut
corners with its care?

Eating now, carefully controlled exercise to build muscle, and time to put on weight.
Krafts Macaroni and Cheese --- several flavors, and pasta is protein.  Start mixing in with Kibble. Alternate flavors---you like variety, and so does your dog. A real bowel
movement --- Rejoice!!! Still multiple small meals, but the meals are getting larger, and
less frequent.  Finicky eater, not even "just one more spoon for Mommy". Try Liver soup.

1 lb partial frozen thinly sliced Beef liver (Partially frozen makes it easier to cut), chopped into 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch chunks.
5 cups of water,
1 tablespoon minced garlic
a bit of salt.

Simmer until meat is that greyish brown that you know means cooked. A ladle of
this mixture over kibble, and it disappears.

Alternate meals of pasta and kibble with liver soup and kibble.  Gradually, once you've achieved a reasonable weight, decrease pasta, or soup, (and Cream sauces, gravy, cream cheese, homemade chicken soup), and all the other things you used to entice "Just one more bite".

The first twenty pounds are easy, the next 40 are a test of a rescuer's resolve.

After surgery --- try oatmeal, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and mash potatoes.  Once the appetite returns, you decrease, and then eliminate the extras.

I hope this information, and my experiences help.

Joan Fremo
Pyrangel Rescue Network

Pyrangel Rescue Network, dedicated to the care and placement of abandoned and abused Great Pyrenees.

============Joan's recipes===========
Still need to put some weight on that Rescue? Try These Recipes!

Fatten 'Em Up Quick Meatloaf!!

Note: This requires a huge pot for mixing!  Makes a two week supply for one dog.

1 doz. Hard Boiled eggs, chopped
10 lbs of inexpensive hamburger meat
20 oz Jar of Wheat Germ
1 canister of Knox Gelatin, joint complex, (unflavored)
1 lg box of Total breakfast cereal
2 - 1 lb boxes of Quaker oatmeal, (the kind you cook)
1 1/2 cups Cannola Oil
12 oz jar of unsulfered Molasses 1/4 tsp salt
1 heaping tsp minced Garlic, (jarred variety or fresh, NOT dried)
Box of 1qt Freezer bags

Just dump all into huge pot and dig in. It takes some effort, and you will be up to your elbows, but you want to mix thorougly.

Separate into 14 freezer bags, gently squeezing out the air before sealing. Flatten out the bags, (this will allow for a quicker thaw period), and lay flat on a freezer shelf.

Feed one packet each day, 1/2 in morning, half in evening. Breaking up into chunks, or rolling into meatballs. I place one in the fridge each evening to thaw for the next day.

You can try to mix kibble in when feeding---but almost every Rescue has managed to suck off the good stuff and leave the kibble behind. I save the kibble for other meals. Haven't had a refusal yet, not even the most finicky eater has passed up this concoction.

Smaller Batch, that you can flavor for variety.
1 1/2 lbs hamburger
3 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1/2 cup wheat germ
1 envelope Knox Gelatin Joint complex, (unflavored)
5 tsp molasses
5 tsp Cannola vegetable oil
2 1/2 cups uncooked oatmeal
I cup Total breakfast cereal

To the above you may add ONE of the following to add flavor and give variety!
1/2 lb Cooked and pureed beef liver
1 small can of tomato sauce/ 1 cup of cooked rice or pasta
1/2 cup chunky peanut butter
4 oz package of cream cheese

Form into balls, layer in plastic freezer bags, freeze---remove several at a time to thaw, and feed as in between meal treats.

Fattening Treats

Doggie Peanut Cheese Balls

1 dozen hard boiled eggs, chopped
1 lb jar crunchy peanut butter
1 container of Quaker Oatmeal
2 cups of evaporated milk, (Don't dilute!!)
1 jar wheat germ
1 lb hamburger
8oz. pkg cream cheese
1 envelope Knox Gelatin Joint Complex, (unflavored)

In one bowl, pour the evaporated milk over the oatmeal and put aside. Go have a cup of coffee, while you wait for oats to absorb the liquid! 

In a second Large Bowl, place all the other ingredients. Start mixing together, hands work best. Add the oatmeal and evaporated milk mixture, and mix again.   When thoroughly blended, form into meatball sized treats, layering in a plastic freezer container. Freeze until needed.  Remove a few at a time, allow to thaw, and feed as fattening snacks!

Joan Fremo
Pyrangel Rescue Network
Dedicated to the care and placement of abandoned and abused Great Pyrenees.