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People frequently comment that they hate to shop for supplies in a store
that sells puppies and kittens. PLEASE DON'T SHOP THERE! With at least a few days advance planning, and the number of mail-order and on-line pet suppliers (many with secure servers for credit card orders), there is NO reason to contribute to the coffers of any shop that trades in animal misery.

But, PLEASE also don't "leave" without comment.  Either call, write, or
speak to the management of your local pet shops which sell puppies/kittens, and inform them that until they suspend the practice,
you will be buying your supplies elsewhere.  This is one of the most logical situations in animal welfare that I know of: 1) it is an undeniable fact that ALL puppies/kittens sold in pet shops are from disreputable breeders, their bloodlines and health history are suspect, and 100% of them come from puppymills and backyard breeders; 2) shopping for pet supplies from the catalogs and on-line is cheaper than buying from almost any retail outlet.

Most of the general interest canine websites, also have links to suppliers. Please patronize those that conribute a percentage to Rescue
or animal welfare.

From the below list, I can personally recommend UPCO, KV Vet Supply,
Valley Vet Supply, Omaha Vaccine and R.C. Steele.  With the number of
firms putting up websites, it's best to call the customer service numbers and ask if there is a site to order from on-line, or try an internet search with

Dr's Foster & Smith 1-800-826-7206 WI

In The Company of Dogs 1-800-924-5050

18431  1-717-253-4330

UPCO 1-800-254-8726 MO

R.C. Steele 1-800-872-3773 NY (owned by PETsMART)

Cherrybrook 1-800-524-0820 NJ

Discount Master 1-800-346-0749 PA (says they "Will beat any published

JB Wholesale Pet Supplies 1-800-526-0388 NJ  (smaller minimum order than some others)

Pet Warehouse 1-800-443-1160

The Dog's Outfitter 1-800-367-3647 PA (strong on professional groomers' equipment)

KV Vet Supply 1-800-423-8211 NE

PETS USA 1-800-444-0404 MA (Division of Ray Allen, below)

Ray Allen Co. 1-800-444-0404 MA (includes lots of working and protection dog gear)

Pedigrees 1-800-548-4786 NY (lots of cute stuff)

Jake's Dog House 1-800-734-JAKE

New England Serum Co 1-800-637-3786

Omaha Vaccine Co. 1-800-367-4444 NE

Valley Vet Supply 1-800-360-4838 KS (dog vet supplies as well as other

Jeffers 1-800-533-3377 AL (livestock, equine, pet)

J&J Dog Supplies 1-800-642-2050 IL (strong on obedience training

Springtime, Inc 1-800-521-3212 (natural remedies, dogs, horses)

In The Company of Dogs 800-924-5050 DE (unusual, *expensive* doggy

Direct Book Service 1-800-776-2665 (request the Dog & Cat Book Catalog)  e-mail: (BUT FIRST TRY ORDERING FROM THE DAILY DROOL'S link BECAUSE A PERCENTAGE GOES TO BASSET RESCUE! )

Cabela's 1-800-237-4444 NE (hunting, camping - including gear for dogs)

Acme Machine 332-2472 MN 1-612-827-3571 obedience supplies fax#

Alpine Pets 800-424-7465 leather supplies

Bloodline Vet Supplies 800-346-2675 vaccine suppliers

Cabelas 800-237-4444 hunting dog supplies, clothing

Collar clinic 1-616-947-2010 new, used, repairs, trades, electronic

Dunns 800-223-8667 hunting dog supplies, clothing

J&J Dog Supplies 800-642-2050 leather leashes and obedience supplies

J&M Stuart Co 800-467-2669 dog beds

Max 200 800-446-2920 obedience supplies and jumps

Orvis 800-541-3561 has 5 different catologs

Rover Vinyl 800-658-5925 neat PVC xpens

Here are even more catalogs:

Mushers Secret 514-953-1218
Advantage 800-663-5327
Best Shot 800-753-5251
Care-A-Lot 800-343-7680
Groomer Direct 800-551-5048
J&C Pharmaceutical 800-821-5569
Mail Order Pet Shop 800-366-7387
Mallorey's 800-824-4464
Master Animal 800-346-0749
Ryans Pet Supply 800-525-7387
Ribbon Warehouse 800-875-5204
That Pet Place 800-733-3829
Valley Vet 800-360-4838
Dog Breed Calendars 800-774-3396
4-M Enterprises, Inc 800-487-9867 (Books)
Doggone Good 800-660-2665
Paul's Obedience Shop 800-367-7285
Max 200 800-446-2920
Top Dog Ltd 800-666-1100
Breeders Edge 800-322-5500
Care A lot 800-323-7680
Cherry Brook 800-524-0820
Discount Doctor 800-874-2233
Discount Master 800-346-0749
Dogs Weathervanes 800-635-5262
Dog Outfitters 800-For-Dogs
Dog Owners Guide 800-468-5867
Dogs Unlimited 800-338-Dogs
Dresslers Dog supplies 800-622-4669
For Your Pet Only 800-544-5865
GADCO Green Acres 800-544-0944
GG Bean Pet Urns 800-238-7915
Innotek 800-326-5527 or 9494
Jeffers 800-Jeffers
KV Pet Supply 800-423-8211
Master Animal CAre 800-346-0749
New England Serum 800-NE-SERUM
Omaha Vaccine 800-367-4444
Pedigrees pet Catolog 800-437-8438
Ryans Pet Supplies 800-525-7387
Tri Tronics 800-456-4343
Upco 800-444-8651
Valley Vet Supply 800-468-0059
Vet Vax 800-369-8297
Wiese Vet Catolog 800-869-4373
Wholesale Pet 800-479-8872

Check the catalog for minimum order requirements and shipping (some
shipping charges are based on distance from the company to you). And
read the fine print for other charges: handling, service, etc. With an
order of a certain $ amount from some suppliers, shipping is free.

New England Serum, KV Vet Supply, Omaha Vaccine, UPCO and others will fill your vet's prescriptions at discount prices, but they must be
mailed and not faxed.

When ordering vaccines, etc. in times of extreme temperatures, be sure
to check on the shipping method. And be sure to ask what the return
policy is should you believe temperatures (or anything else) may have
damaged the serums.

Please pass on this list to your pet-owning friends and urge EVERYONE to boycott shops which sell puppies/kittens!